Applied Advanced Technology

Future-Proof Tech To Work With The Best Available resources.

Big Data

We Bridge The Gap Between Data Management And Technology.


SSL Protected Secure & Fastest Network Within ecosystem.

AI Integration

Integration of AI Could Unlock Better things With Robust Technology.

Idea Driven Platform

Each implementation is done through mining of Ideas.

Low Fees

Increase The Efficiency Of Earning With Low Management fees.

No Barriers

We accept deposits without borders & barriers.

Delivering Digital Transformation

Provides comprehensive portfolios of end-to-end service.

Disruptive Force

Bull Coin is going to change the world perspective that how to invest in Bitcoin.

ICO Details

Total token supply: 100 Million (100,000,000)
  • 5% sold in pre-sale
  • 70% sold to Public as Crowdsale
  • 3% for Bounty
  • 5% allocated for distribution to reward usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform
  • 15% retained by the dev, marketing and community teams
  • 1% legal formalities
  • 1% reserved for charity
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Feb, 2017

  • Generation of Idea
    Global Bitcoin Trading & Exchange platform for individuals and businesses

JUNE 2017

  • First trading order are processed by the Trading Contract platform.

DEC 2017

  • Supported Coins for Phase 1: ETH Introducing login and basic account management

    Q1 & Q2, 2018 Token Sale

  • Launch ICO with MaxBull Coin Sale,
    Launch ICO’s for Public,
    Distribute MaxBull Coin,
    Token Cap:70m.

Q 1 & Q 2, 2019 Public Release

  • launching of Bitcoin & Ethereum Based Casinos & Related Apps.
  • Performance metrics & charting around
  • Workflow improvement
  • Supported markets: ETH,MaxBull Coin and BTC

JULY 2017

  • MaxBTC rasied $ 1.2 million in equity capital from international venture funds & private investors.

August 2017

  • Team is expanded to 8 new vertices including casinos, gaming & Blockchain & Coin Related Technical Services.

Q 3 & Q 4, 2018 Limited Release

  • Launch MaxBull Coin on all major exchanges
  • Improved login with social media integration
  • Improved dashboard and partner integration
  • Improved UX & UI across MaxBTC platforms

Q 3 & Q 4 2019, Public Release

  • launching of Bitcoins Based Games
  • Improved UX & UI
  • Launching of MaxExchange
    ( World-Wide Release )
    Bitcoin & Alt-Coin Based Exchange

Q 1 & Q 4 Jan 2020

  • All MaxBTC platforms to be fully operational with projected revenues Streams in place.
MaxBull & MaxBTC token is represented by MaxBull coin. MaxBull coin is the only currency used across the MaxBTC market platform in future. Every purchase, sale, exchange, or any other transaction on the platform will require the use of MaxBull coins. It will be used across the MaxBTC & MaxBull platform and will not be limited by the platform in the future.MaxBull coins will be used:
  • As a currency for buying or selling in-game.
  • Delivering the sales commission to affiliates
  • Buying premium accounts for wholesale and individual sellers
  • Purchasing BigData analytics & other technical services .
  • Investment in MaxBTC trading
  • Casino Market.
  • Braat Laall

    Project Lead

  • Sardar javed

    CIO, CTO

  • Neil Finley

    Lead Research Analyst

  • Rose corner

    Community Relations

  • Join The Team

Become a MaxBull Community Evangelist

Get MaxBull coins rewards!

The MaxBull Network announced today a new program for community supporters to get involved as technology evangelists. If you are an enthusiastic supporter of MaxBull’s technology and ecosystem development plans, this is your chance to get involved and earn some great rewards at the same time.

Partners in Revolution


  • 5,000,000 Tokens
  • Bonus 45%


  • 40,000,000 Tokens
  • Bonus 40%


  • 20,000,000 Tokens
  • Bonus 30%


  • 10,000,000 Tokens
  • Bonus 20%



  • 2000 MaxBull coins 0.09 cents each



  • 10000 MaxBull coins 0.09 cents each + Special Airdrop Bonus



  • 20000 MaxBull coins 0.09 cents each + Special Airdrop Bonus



  • 40000 MaxBull coins 0.09 cents each + Special Airdrop Bonus
What is MaxBull Coin?
Q. What is MaxBull Coin?
MaxBull Coin is the crypto token based upon Ethereum Platform. Holders of MaxBull Coin will be able to register as Continuous Contributors to the Platform and receive a share of all Funds...
Do you have a hard cap?
Q. Do you have a hard cap?
Yes, the amount raised cannot exceed USD 35 million. Any funds on top of that will be transmitted back to the contributor. The company can choose a lower hard cap if deems it reasonable...
Are MaxBull tokens securities?
Q. Are M-Bull tokens securities?
Based on legal advice and opinions we gathered during the preparation process, MaxBull tokens would not be deemed as securities by SEC based on the famous Howey test. We pay a lot of attention...